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About us

Hello, I’m Clare, let me tell you a little bit about me and how The Craft Shed came to be here……

I have always loved arts and crafts, but never found the time to fit that sort of thing in around a busy work schedule, looking after my son George and running a home.  Then one day after a birthday celebration throwing on a potters wheel and some pottery painting, what I thought was a joking comment from Ian who said ‘we could do something like this’ suddenly became reality.  We began looking at suppliers and premises never thinking it would actually happen and then on the 9th June 2018 it did, The Craft Shed opened in Basildon.

Not really knowing if this concept would work in a town centre we set off on our journey kind of prepared for any eventuality.  We knew we could test the waters in our first studio as plans for a new cinema to take over were already in the pipeline.  Well, we thought we had at least 2 years to try out our new found dream, but no, the council had other ideas and wanted the premises back after 8 months.  By this point we were building a loyal customer base who loved that we were in the town, so the hunt for a new home began.

We managed to stay in the town and thankfully relocated just around the corner.  We quickly became busier and continue to grow our Craft Shed Community.  As a mummy to a young man with additional needs made it even more important to make everyone feel included hence why our ethos is largely centred around all abilities welcome both physically and creatively.  We welcome all ages into the studio to get their craft on or just pop in for a cuppa and a natter as we strive to maintain a homely feel and make everyone’s visit as fun filled as possible. 

We look forward to seeing you in the studio either on your own, with friends or family making lots of happy memories.


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