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Pottery Painting

Our pottery pieces start from £6.00 and go up to £35+.  We have in excess of about 200+ pottery pieces.

There is a studio fee starting from £4.50 to cover the paint, glaze, firing process and packaging of your item.  The studio fee applies to everyone who paints an item. It is per painter and not per item.

Once painted the pottery stays with us for approximately a week to glaze and fire.  It will take longer to complete if personalising is required.

The paints that are used in the studio are specialist paints called glazes, meaning they are suitable to go in the kiln that we have at the studio.


If you don’t finish painting your piece during your visit, we will wrap the piece up as best we can for you to take home with you as we no longer have the space to store unfinished items.  Once the item leaves the studio it is your responsibility, we will not be liable for any breakages/damages during the transporting of your items.
If your item is £15 or under there will be a further £4.50 charge for every visit to complete your item.  If your item is £15.50 or above then you will have one further visit FREE of charge to complete your item, but if it is still not finished after your second visit there will then be a £4.50 charge each time you visit to complete the item.

Alternatively you are welcome to take items home to paint.  Once you purchase your item (unpainted) for £4.50 you can request up to 5 paints plus the glaze and firing of your item.  Please note when requesting pots of paint the pottery is to be painted at home.  If additional paints are required they can be purchased for £1 per tub.

We are happy to personalise your items for FREE, but if there is a lot of work required there will be a small fee that will be discussed with you.


Personalised Gifts / Commission Pieces

You are welcome to buy any of our display pieces (with the exception of a couple of pieces).  We will charge you as if you had painted them yourself, so the cost of the pottery item plus the £4.50 studio fee.  If you are buying multiple display pieces you will only be charged one studio fee.

If you would like me to paint a piece for you that is absolutely fine, I would love to do this for you.  The cost will be £19.50 for the paint glaze, kiln and my time plus the price of the pottery piece.


Box Frames – they start from £15 and go up to £25+ depending on the design and size of the frame.

  • This fee secures a table and will be taken off your final bill

    2 hr

    5 British pounds
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