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Craft a Bear

Craft a Bear is a bit like another shop that is well known albeit we do things slightly differently and it is so much more fun. 

We have a selection of bear skins to choose from, which are small or large.  The small skins are £15.00 each and the large skins are £19.50 each.

Once you have selected your animal you will be settled down to begin stuffing the bear with it’s ‘candyfloss’ stuffing.  Before we warm up your muscles to stuff your bear we need to select a wishing heart to make that all important wish, that we musn’t tell anyone.  Close your eyes and make a wish, and once your bear is stuffed it goes inside.

You stuff the bear, not forgetting the arms and legs and then pop your heart inside.  Do the bear up with the one way zip.

Next you design your bears special t-shirt on a piece of paper first as mistakes can be made on the paper and not the fabric t-shirt.  Once you are happy with your design you can transfer it onto the fabric t-shirt, don’t forget you can put a design on the back of the fabric t-shirt.  Once finished you can dress your bear in its new outfit.

To make the bear official it’s time to complete his/her birth certificate before popping your bear in it's bag to take home.

We also offer Craft a Bear to do at home as that perfect gift.

  • 2 hr

    5 British pounds
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