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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are we a charity, so is it free?"
    No we aren’t a charity and no our services aren’t free.
  • We just want to have a drink without crafting.
    That’s absolutely fine to come in just for a refreshment, you don’t have to craft to enjoy just a brew.
  • Can we just sit at the tables outside without purchasing anything?
    No you can’t, they are for paying customers only and there are plenty of benches around the town.
  • Can I use the kiln for my own clay projects?
    If it has come from another studio that we can verify the source of the pottery with then yes we will just charge a studio fee, albeit we would like to encourage you to buy from us. If you have purchased from anywhere else then no you can’t as there is a risk of issues during firing we can’t afford to take.
  • I'm booked onto a workshop, but can I transfer onto another workshop?
    If you are unable to attend the workshop you are booked onto then unfortunately we are unable to transfer you onto another workshop. This is stated in the policies when you book as spaces are limited and it impacts on us as a small business and external tutors coming in especially to teach.
  • I haven't had a call or message to say my pottery is ready
    We only contact you if there are significant delays to your pottery being ready or if your pottery has been with us for several months. We always say when handing you a white slip receipt that your pottery will be ready 10-12 days after you have painted it, we don't contact you to say it is ready. The white slip you are given has a collection number on it (top right hand corner) which helps us find your pottery quickly.
  • Can I sell my crafts in your studio?
    As much as we like to support other crafters/artists we just don’t have the shelf space to accommodate your items to display. We will look to host events where you could potentially showcase your work, but this is when we schedule the events and charges will apply to display.
  • Can I leave the children at the studio and go shopping?
    No all children attending need to be accompanied by an adult. Only if children are old enough to be left alone at home and providing they are happy to be left and we have a contact number for an adult will we allow children in unaccompanied.
  • What are your opening days & times?
    In term time we are open Wednesday to Friday 10-3pm and Saturday 10-5pm In the holidays we are open Monday to Saturday 10-5pm (October half term varies as some schools are open 2 weeks and these opening hours will only apply to the 2nd week. Unless stated otherwise we need to close on time or as close to it as we have childcare to manage, so any delays in closing impacts on cleaning / tidying the studio before we collect our son.
  • Can I start painting a piece of pottery and pay another time?
    No everything needs to be paid for on the day it is started. The same applies for foam claying a piece.
  • What happens if I don’t finish painting my pottery piece?
    You are welcome to return at no extra cost (so no additional studio fees) to finish your item. However, we have now run out of room to store unfinished pottery so you will need to take your pieces with you and store at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any damages/breakages that may occur during the transportation process. Equally we can pot up a maximum of 5 paints for you to complete your piece at home and then return. Additional pots of paint are £1 each, and brushes are 50p each.
  • Can I select items to be put to one side to do at a later date?
    Yes you can, but all items selected will need to be paid for to secure them as yours otherwise they will remain on display.
  • Will you contact us when our pieces are complete?
    No we don’t contact you when your items are ready. They can be collected a week after painting. We will only contact if there is going to be a delay or if you’ve requested items to be personalised. Personalised items will take a little longer to complete. We will only get in touch after several months if your item is still with us asking for you to collect ASAP as storage is premium.
  • How long do you keep completed items for?
    We have been very lenient with this in the past, but we are running out of room. Items not collected after 6 months and providing we have contacted you will either be destroyed or donated. This also includes items we have that haven’t been finished.
  • I painted something ages ago, do you still have it?"
    Yes, the chances are we do, but please contact us before coming in with roughly when it was you did it, what was painted and what name would be on the slip. We can then search for the items when we have time as they will be buried away and the studio can’t be left too long to search for your pottery and there is also a risk of damage as storage is limited so we will squeeze them where we can.
  • Can you order a pottery item in for me?
    Yes we can if we can get hold of the piece you require, but we will only order it in when we have an order to place as ordering pieces individually is costly to us due to minimum spends and delivery charges with our suppliers.
  • Have you got any other pottery other than what’s on your shelves?
    Yes, we have in excess of 300+ different types of pottery but as you can imagine we can’t display everything at once. If there is something specific you are looking for or have previously seen then we will happily try to retrieve this for you, but please be aware we can’t be checking what stock is upstairs during busy times when there is one member of staff in. We ask that you select something from the shelves already displayed
  • What is the minimum required for birthday packages?
    Our birthday packages are based on a minimum of 10 children attending and we require a 50% non refundable deposit. If you don’t have the minimum children turn up the package will still run as if there were 10 there won’t be refunds or discounts for spaces that haven’t been filled or children that don’t turn up.
  • Can I have a birthday party without booking a package as we don’t have that many children to invite?
    Yes you can, but if you have already committed to a package and wish to change you will lose your deposit. It will also be held downstairs and it will be down to you to manage.
  • Can I change my workshop booking to another date?
    No, if you have booked and paid for a workshop the payment is non refundable and non transferable due to the outlay of materials, tutor time and sometimes external tutors/companies coming in that need paying. We understand things happen last minute, but we cannot fill spaces quickly on short notice hence why we ask you to find a replacement if needing to cancel to avoid losing your payment. We have checked other local businesses who also operate the same policies.
  • Do you offer discounts for siblings at events / workshops?
    No, the cost of the ticket covers materials provided, inviting outside companies in who need paying plus us hosting the events.
  • What ages are suitable for the messy plays?
    Baby is 6 to 18 months. Babies need to be on solids before attending as lots go in mouths Toddler sessions are 18 months to preschool (4 years) We also need to be notified of any allergies prior to attending due to the use of food

We have tried below to provide answers to our most commonly asked questions so there are no surprises to spoil your visit to the Craft Shed

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